Why should I use only one pharmacy?

This is a frequently spoken issue within the pharmaceutical community, however, the persons that should be involved in the conversation is the patient that uses pharmaceutical services. It is widely known within the walls of the pharmacy that patient outcomes are visibly more positive when a patient utilizes only one location to fill their medications. I notice, on a daily basis, that patients have a sense of ownership of their healthcare and are generally happier when they have a rapport with their pharmacist. Even with positive outcomes and happier patients, it is still common to see patients going to several different pharmacies to get prescription care.

Taking your prescriptions to one central location will give the pharmacist of record the ability to know you specifically, know your ailments and get a clear picture of the prescription healthcare required. The pharmacist can also go over your complete medication history, along with your different conditions, and give comprehensive information to you, the patient, and to your physician. Using only one pharmacy helps to complete the chain of health care that involves the patient, the pharmacist, and the physician.

Pharmacists specialize in knowing the medications that you are taking and how to help you achieve the maximum outcomes. Going to multiple locations makes it more difficult to achieve those results because there is no way to have a clear medical and pharmaceutical picture of the patient. There is one way to give your physician, pharmacist and you a boost towards positive medical outcomes and that is by being proactive about taking your prescriptions to YOUR pharmacy.

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