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Medication Refills

Prescription Refills
In most cases, all prescription refills are written during your regular patient follow-up appointment. Appointments are scheduled according to the protocol for your drug regimen. If you find you are going to be out of your medication before your next follow-up appointment, please call the office and ask to have your appointment rescheduled to an earlier date.
In certain exceptions (out of state travel, extended out of town stays, etc), you may call your pharmacy and request they send a refill request to our office. Once the refill request is received, your chart will be pulled for the doctor to review. If the doctor approves the refill, your pharmacy will be notified.
Certain prescriptions cannot be filled by phone or fax. In those cases, you MUST make an appointment to see the doctor. We cannot make any exceptions in these cases, as this is mandated by law.