Motor Vehicle Therapy

What to do When You are involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident
Often, even a low speed impact accident can result in soft tissue injuries that might not manifest for 1 to 4 days.  If you are involved in an auto accident, be sure to file a claim not only on your vehicle, but also file a medical claim with your insurance company.
When you call Dr. Zegarelli’s office to schedule an examination, please provide the office staff with the pfollowing information:
•    Date of the accident
•    Name of your auto insurance company
•    Name of your auto insurance medical adjustor and phone number
•    Your medical claim number
If you have contacted a lawyer to handle your case for you, the staff will also need:
•    The name of the law firm handling your case
•    The name of the lawyer assigned to your case
•    Contact phone number for your  lawyer or paralegal
•    A copy of the Letter of Protection (referred to as an LOP) from your lawyer

You will be asked to provide a copy of the police report and a picture ID.
When you come in for your scheduled examination, you will be asked to complete forms detailing how your accident happened, where you were located in the vehicle, road conditions, if you were wearing your seat belt, how you were injured, if you were taken to the hospital and, if so, if you were treated in the emergency room or were admitted to the hospital, how your injury affects your ability to do your job and your activities of daily living, and other questions that will assist the doctor in making an accurate diagnosis.
Once you have completed the forms, one of the nursing will take your vital signs and go over the forms with you. As soon as an exam room is available, you will be escorted to it and will be seen by Dr. Zegarelli as quickly as possible.
After the doctor examines you, he may order tests or refer you to physical therapy or other specialists to be assessed. A follow up appointment will be scheduled before you leave.