Nicole Spitzer, Nutrition Coordinator

Nicole_SpitzerI joined Dr. Zegarelli’s staff after a career in weight loss and sales. I was excited to be part of a medical practice that encouraged healthy “Smart Living”. I strive each day to encourage patients in healthy choices, weight loss, and, hopefully, feeling better!
I got into weight loss after I gave birth to two beautiful boys. They left me with extra weight that didn’t make me feel good or look good. I carried my excess weight for more than eight years. In my life, I had never really struggled with my weight, so being unable to drop the extra pregnancy pounds was new for me. I decided to pursue the weight loss field as a means of educating myself and, hopefully, losing weight the healthy way.
My philosophy is, “The more you know, the more you can help others, and, of course, yourself”. Through my training, I was taught exactly what to eat for my body type and what foods help me lose weight .I also learned what foods do not help. As a result, I lost over thirty-five pounds through learning more about nutrition and by eating healthy. I have to admit, it was hard and I did struggle. Because it did not come easy for me, I understand others’ struggles and I love to help them do what I did for myself.
I am certified through Robard. It is a physician weight loss program which offers behavioral therapy through counseling, exercise therapy, and nutrition education. Through this program, our practice offers meal replacement s (which is very convenient) that make choices easier for most. The products we offer are of the highest quality and are also made through Bariactric. Bariactric is a premium brand in weight loss, usually only recommended through a doctor’s office. These products are also made for pre-Bariactric and post-Bariactric surgery patients.
We also specialize in nutritional meal planning with “grocery-store” food to encourage optimal eating habits. I feel that the knowledge and experience people learn through their own weight loss will benefit all those around them. Patients will be empowered to pass along healthy eating habits to family members, starting a healthy Smart Living lifestyle for generations.
I look forward to meeting you all personally. I love being able to share this knowledge and help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.