Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss
Three weight loss options are offered, depending on how much you wish to lose and how quickly you wish to accomplish your goals.

Option One:    Medically Supervised Rapid Weight Loss

  • Appropriate for women with at least 40 lbs to lose and men with at least 50, or BMI as low as 27 with co-morbidities
  • Helps to quickly reduce medically related risk factors associated with obesity
  • Helps reduce/eliminate the need for various medications
  • The Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) is a full fast weight loss program using New Direction*** products as the sole source of nutrition
  • Lose approximately 3-5 pounds per week
  • Excellent for those needing to lose weight for bariatric surgery.**
  • Excellent value and rapid results.
  • Most insurances cover at least part of the costs.
  • Financing and payment plans available for any personal investment.


Option Two:     Fast Weight Loss

  • For those unable to do a VLCD, the Low Calorie Diet (LCD) plan utilizes two to three meal replacement beverages and bars combined with one 500-600 calorie meal
  • Appropriate for pre-surgical weight loss (or beverage only post-surgery)
  • Lose approximately 1-2 pounds per week
  • Most insurances cover at least part of the costs.
  • Financing and payment plans available for any personal investment.


Option Three:    Steady Weight Loss

  • Involves strategic, customized meal planning
  • Regular grocery store foods only
  • Lose approximately 1 pound or more per week
  • Increased physical activity recommended
  • Low out-of-pocket investment.

** New Direction System helps maximize surgical outcomes and enhance total wellness by providing nutritional support, exercise modules, and behavior counseling to pre- and post-surgical patients. Vital complementary care is delivered through:

  • Pre-surgical nutrition assessment and weight loss program regiment
  • Pre and post-surgical psychological support
  • High protein, low calorie nutrition products appropriate for pre-surgical weight loss (or beverage only post-surgically)
  • Post-surgical nutrition, exercise training, and support

*** New Direction’s nutritionally complete, high protein, low carb, low calorie meal replacements are the sole source of nutrition for patients approved for New Direction’s Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) during the Reducing Phase and as a supplement during the Adapting Phase. Patients on the Low Calorie Diet plan consume two to three meal replacements along with a 500-600 calorie meal during the Adapting Phase. Supplements are used as needed during the Sustaining (Maintenance) Phase.

A variety of great tasting and convenient meal replacement beverages provide:

  • 100% of the minimum RDI for protein, vitamins, and minerals
  • High quality protein for positive nitrogen balance
  • Essential fatty acids and minimal fat levels to stimulate the gallbladder
  • Our high protein (27 grams per serving), low carbohydrate formula helps satisfy patients’ nutritional needs, reduce hunger, and maximize weekly weight loss

New Direction’s meal replacement beverages are packaged as single-serving packets, to be reconstituted with water.